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Leading the Field in Mental Health


This website will provide information regarding the scope of practice of each of the doctors at this office. Each of the doctors are in independent practice.  If you have been referred to this office or are searching for a mental health provider and have insurance, please contact your insurance carrier to verify that the doctor you wish to see is on your plan.  Also become familiar with your specific mental health benefits, which can vary greatly from your medical benefits.

If you are wanting to refer yourself or someone else to one of the doctors, please fill out the Referral Form found on the "Make a Referral" page and the office staff will contact you to schedule an appointment.

If you are scheduled for an appointment, please proceed to the page for the doctor you are scheduled to see.  You will see the necessary intake forms that can be downloaded and filled out prior to your initial appointment.  These forms must be filled out completely and brought with you to your initial appointment before the doctor will be able to see you.  If you have any difficulty downloading these forms, please contact our office.  We look forward to being of service to you.


- Children, Adolescents and Adults

- Individual, Marital and Family Therapy

​- Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

- Insight and Growth Oriented Therapy

Psychological, Neuropsychological and Learning Disorder Assessment

- Differential Diagnosis of Emotional and Behavioral Disorders, Learning Disorders and ADHD.

​- Assessment of cognitive and personality changes due to brain injuries and other neurological disorders.​

Cognitive Skills Training for Brain Injuries and Learning Disorders

- Cognitive Skills Training (CST) can stimulate brain development and strengthen mental abilities.  It can sucessfully treat the cognitive problems underlying learning disorders.  It can promote more complete recovery from a brain injury.

Medical-Legal Evaluations

- Dr. Bradley Schuyler provides neuropsychological and psychological evaluations in personal injury and workers compensation cases.

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