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Richard B. King, Ph.D.


Dr. King has provided psychological services for the Fresno area over the past 38 years and currently maintains a private practice in the Fig Garden Village area. Over such as span, Dr. King has attained considerable experience working with a wide range of conditions and people of all ages. Today, accepted patients range in age from 15 years of age through adulthood. Treatment delivery includes individual, couples and families. Under special circumstances, online video sessions are available, but as a general rule, in person sessions are seen as more beneficial.

The office atmosphere is designed to enhance a sense of privacy and personal safety. When people feel emotionally safe, they are more likely to take the emotional risks often necessary to achieve the results they are seeking. Great effort has been made to bring about that comfort. Confidentiality is exceptionally important.

Most psychologists have been trained in the array of models utilized in the treatment process and typically integrate the elements contained in the models that achieve the best results for that provider. Dr. King primarily incorporates elements of models that emphasize cognitive-behavioral, psycho-dynamic and family systems approaches.

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